My name is Lindsay Kohl, and I developed East & Eve in 2014 as a photography and design company.  Though I still dabble in those areas, mostly not-for-profit, I have decided to disband the business aspect of East & Eve and make a shift towards something more important to me – reaching out to others and creating something meaningful out of the everyday and ordinary moments in my life.  This blog will encompass all sorts of things, so I don’t want to put a label on it.  Part photography & design, part religion & politics, part health & fitness, and part “at-home-mommy needing an outlet!”  Sort of an eclectic mish-mash of things that interest me and keep me busy and fulfilled on a daily basis!

I am married and have four wonderful children.  My husband is a very dedicated father, husband, and small-business owner.  And I may be biased, but our kids are literally the best.  (If only they would eat their veggies and pick up their dirty socks once in a while!)  The hubby and I are both from South Florida, but we moved to North Carolina in 2007 with our three young children as part of a “family migration.”  I became one of those non-traditional, adult-transfer college students at the age of 28 after we settled.  I never finished school on my first attempt at the University of Florida, so the University of North Carolina at Greensboro became like a second home to me after enrolling in 2009.  I finished my degree with High Honors (woot! woot!) in December of 2011 – a B.A. in English, History Minor.  Not long after that, I had plans on pursing a graduate degree and career in teaching and writing.  However, baby number four changed all of that!  I have been at home since, keeping up with teaching credentials (just in case I should ever need them), working on countless projects, and taking it day-by-day.

Check back often for updates and to see what I’ve been up to …



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