Stay Humble My Friends

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St. Joseph – Father of Jesus, Husband of Mary, Patron of the Universal Church

Today, on the feast day of St. Joseph, I am reminded of humility.  Joseph was a man who said little but lived out his faith through deeds and actions.  Truly, there is nothing more admirable.  So often today we miss the opportunity to practice humility.  Whether it is because we require acknowledgement for our actions, or because we want to feel loved and accepted, the reasons are many.  We may be exercising our pride – the inability to ask for help, or believing that our way is the right way.  In either sense, stubbornness leads down a dark and lonely path.  Today, resolve to be humble in one thing that you do – and remember St. Joseph and his trust in a greater plan.  Above all, hug your children and remember the important role of leader and spiritual guide that all parents (not just fathers) are entrusted with.

“Be close to your children – they need you. Just as St. Joseph was close to Jesus in his physical, psychological, and spiritual growth, you too must be guardians in age, wisdom, and grace.” -Pope Francis


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